The non porous structure of Vutox makes it frost and moisture resistant. The clean up of graffiti is much easier than other cladding materials. Vutox is UV resistant and does not fade or crack when exposed to sunlight over long periods.

Wall Panelling

Vutox has a high and subtle defused light reflectance due to its subsurface crystalline structure. This property helps to reduce the light energy requirements for interior spaces. Vutox is available in Gloss, Matt and Lunar finishes for interior cladding applications.

Work Surfaces

Work Surfaces have to be hard wearing, scratch resistant and stain resistant. This is precisely what Vutox delivers. Whether it be Reception Counters, Vanity Counters or Kitchen Work Tops, Vutox is one of the hardest material available for these applications. Its non porous structure makes it hygienic as well.


Vutox for flooring is recommended for public spaces. The high reflectance of Vutox reduces the light energy requirements and more energy savings are possible if these spaces have Vutox wall claddings as well.

Vutox is the choice for scratch-resistant, hard wearing, stain resistant and durable flooring. Vutox flooring is offered in white and pastel colours.

Curved Shapes and Round Columns

Curved panels be manufactured by thermoforming flat Vutox panels. This opens up a new opportunity for cladding round or oval columns. Natural stones or Granite do not offer this option.