About Vutox

What is Vutox?

Vutox is a Glass Ceramic product uniquely formulated and manufactured for the construction industry.

The basic composition of Glass Ceramic is the same as Glass or Ceramic, namely the oxides of silica, aluminium, sodium and other minerals. The main difference between the three is the crystalline structure. Glass is amorphous. The Ceramics can be crystalline or amorphous. The Vutox Glass Ceramics is manufactured as glass in the first stage and then crystallised to a controlled degree to achieve the performance in one fully automated process involving melting, rolling and annealing.

This transition to crystallised glass yields exceptional toughness, hardness, scratch resistance, zero porosity as compared to natural stones and granites, although they are from the same source materials. There is another Vutox property which is unthinkable in Natural Stones or Granite. The ability to thermoform the panels for round or oval column claddings.

Vutox is recommended for wide range of applications such as interior and exterior wall cladding, column cladding, flooring and work surfaces. Vutox is presented in a range of natural colours in gloss or matt finish.